Hsu Man-hsuan 許嫚烜 × D.J. Ray Ray

【島嶼舞台】10/23.SUN. 16:30~17:30



D.J. Ray Ray

RayRay曾就讀台灣大學人類學系,以22歲之姿站上競爭激烈的DJ台。從15歲開始接觸Hip-Hop,音樂對於DJ RayRay來說是生命中不可或缺的重要元素,隨著音樂的擺動,她將活潑的力量隨著唱盤轉動注入音樂之中,音樂風格從Hip-Hop, Jazz Hip-Hop, Old School,一直到Funk, Disco。目前為台北指標夜店OMNI首席駐場DJ、W TAIPEI駐場DJ,曾經在許多台灣重要嘻哈盛會中擔任指定DJ,也曾擔任嘻哈歌手以及各種關於嘻哈音樂的活動表演DJ,甜美的外表加上完美的選歌技巧所散發的音樂魅力,不容小覷,更多次參與台灣音樂節春吶、春浪,國際音樂節SXSW、ADE等演出,個人特色以及表演經驗極為豐富。為2013年Red Bull Thre3Style首屆台灣區冠軍,代表台灣前往加拿大,和來自美洲、歐洲、亞洲等最強DJ高手爭取全球總冠軍賽。目前也積極參與許多藝人專輯製作,包括柯有倫、陳芳語以及JPM等,2014年更參與了小時代2的電影音樂製作。2015年RayRay更受邀到TED X Taipei以及Google等學術平台演講,目前RayRay更積極於她第一張全製作的專輯,並不定期在世界各國巡迴演出。

Hsu Man-hsuan

Hsu Man-hsuan,is a musician who possesses the multiple identities of music producer, guzheng performer and composer. Many years of working with Wind Music have expanded Hsu’s musical horizons. Being responsible for the production of music for the body, mind and spirit, she began a new conversation with herself which led to inspiration for new creations with the guzheng. Originally an academic, she has moved from her roots in traditional musical to the exploration of a new language for the guzheng. In a period of over ten years, she has written many compositions. In the end, like a gold panner who has picked through a myriad of possibilities, her polished efforts yielded this album of contemporary guzheng music that brims with extraordinary meaning.

Hsu is very active in diverse genres of guzheng performance, covering traditional, modern and pop styles. With Wind Music, she produced Rose Love and Bonjour, Cosmos which are part of the Herbal Life series, the latter being nominated for Best Instrumental Album at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards. Over many years, she has produced a series of music for the body, mind and spirit, such as Sound of the Crystal Energy, Kuleshtana, Nature, Singing Bowl, Zen, A Revitalizing Journey for the Brain, Zen Relaxation Series, Five Elements Energy Spa Series and The Music of Flower Essence Remedies. She has also been involved in research and development for the crystal xylophone as well as the composition and performance for many concept albums.


An ancient Greek philosopher suggested it takes a certain madness to be a true artist. The artist's ability to interpret and imagine what the common man cannot, seemingly mad, creating out of nothing.Taipei native, RayRay, like all great artist manifests this into music. At a young age, she dug into the rich history of music and bourn out an eclectic taste and a sensibility of soulful sound, when she digs in the crates and drops the needle, she drops gems.

She's been a hit in the circuit of major music festivals and DJ venues across Asia, working with some of their top music makers. Catching the ears of the crowd in her home country, she was crowned champion of the 2013 Red Bull Thre3style DJ competition. The same year, she presented Taiwan to Toronto in the International DJ Championship.

With so much strength under her belt, she's garnered further foreign interest, being invited to perform at SXSW in 2013 and 2016, ADE in Amsterdamin 2015, Glastonbury UK Festival in 2016, and the Midem France Music Festival in 2016. Each year, her reach furthers.

The collective did not just immerse into her music talents, they even interested themselves to the method of her madness, inviting her to present and speak her ideas of music and life for TEDx Talks and also Google Talks. The mad creativity runs deep to the soul of our artist, creating her other musical alter ego, producer, WiFi Grapes. Her produced tracks have been used in several films. She's even garnered the attention of world renowned mad genius, Skrillex, who recently invited her to join in on several studio sessions together. Be on the lookout for RayRay, the music she brings is the next generation of creative.