Sizhukong feat. Ilid Kaolo

【地球舞台】10/21(FRI.) 19:00~20:00






• Over 200 performances in Taiwan and abroad since 2005
• Taipei City Outstanding Performance Artist, 2009
• Three Albums (Sizhukong, Paper Eagle & Spin) distributed
worldwide, all nominees for multiple Awards
• Best Live Performance at the 2011 Golden Indie Music Awards
• Ministry of Cultural Sponsored Performance Artist, 2010-12

In 2005, a group of innovative young musicians, some trained in jazz and some in traditional Chinese music, came together to become – Sizhukong! This unique combo is astonishing in every sense, from its line-up to its music, which makes it a perfect example of Taiwanese jazz. From Taiwan’s top concert venues to Shanghai to Korea and all the way to Lithuania and Canada, Sizhukong has dazzled audiences worldwide with its unconventional combination of musicianship and daring.

“Sizhukong” means “Silk, Bamboo, Open” and originally refers to a pressure point near the temples. A few light touches will relieve headaches, dizziness, and all sorts of aches. To get from the silk and bamboo of our musical instruments to the openness of our music, imagine a lone knight who swoops to the rescue from high in the mountain passes. Imagine listening to an impenetrable language that calls up visions before your eyes. Sizhukong is a band, or a vision. We chose this name to bring together as one the material of our instruments and the vast, all encompassing power of the empty. May our music touch you and bring you healing!

A Sizhukong performance is like a return to the heartland of jazz, but a new kind of jazz, where Chinese instruments of silk and bamboo bring unbridled rhythms of improvisation and subtle echoes between the tunes. Or it is like a new kind of traditional Chinese music, where the solemn sounds of old are infused with new elements. Whichever it is, you can’t help but follow along with it.
It calls up old memories, but holds instruction for modern life as well. East and west, music and silence, tradition and innovation – everything is in harmonious array, like the stars of the Milky Way. You can say it is a new style propelling a new world music in Taiwan. Or a reborn eastern jazz, a genre-crossing best-selling behemoth. Or a simple plea for a revivified Chinese music. But every second of every tune will be new to you. This is what “Sizhukong” is. Not just music, but a mantra, a paradise, a utopia. Or so we say – but come and hear for yourself.

Ilid Kaolo

Known to her friends as Xiao Mei, is a Amis (Pangcah) aborigine from the tribal village of Jinalu’an in Hualian County. She has a bright and beautiful face, and her pure, resonant voice conveys a dreamy langour. Like many other Taiwanese aborigines, when she was young she came to live in Taipei. She performed all over with first the Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe and then Wild Fire Music. Several years ago, she joined the Hohak Band, and along with their lead vocalist Chen Guanyu and others she got into organic rice farming, becoming a musician who planted rice with her left hand and wrote songs with her right. And when she returned to live in her home village in Hualian County for a time Ilid’s tender feelings for her home were renewed and her creative fires were set alight, inspiring her to write songs in her mother tongue. After moving to Nan’ao in Ilan County, she started to turn the many twists and turns of her life into song after song. Not only does she portray the moods of urban women, she uses original Amis songs to narrate the story of her family and people. At the same time she conveys how after becoming a farmer who uses natural agricultural methods, amidst the busy farming life of planting and weeding, every moment is unique and brimming with light.