Yen Yung-neng & Takao Run Troupe

【島嶼舞台】10/22.SAT. 15:00~16:00






TakaoRun Troupe

TakaoRun Troupe, founded in 1997, speaks volumes about the beauty of Taiwanese culture and the story of its people nationwide and abroad for 19 years. The elements of our performance come from those people who live and breathe with this land we call home; for instance, Temple Parade, Taiwanese Opera and folk songs of Taiwanese.

As a multicultural and multiracial nation, Taiwan has a considerable amount of different languages and customs, for it had been colonized or governed by many countries and groups through centuries, e.g. East India Company from Netherlands, Pirates from East and South China Sea, Qing dynasty from China and Empire of Japan; moreover, there are 16 different native tribes living on this island.

The history of Taiwan is rich in stories worth telling, and therefore Yen Yung-Neng and TakaoRun Troupe devoted themself to singing the songs once been sung on this land and dancing along its heartbeats; thus, we invite you to travel with us from cities to villages and back in time to rediscover the virtues and striving of the ancestors of Taiwanese.

2010 Yen Yung-Neng’s first album “Everybody gets together”. Awarded by the most respectable “Golden Melody Award” for The Best Taiwanese Album and selected for the Best Taiwanese Male Singer
2011 First Prize and Best Performance of Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest.
2011 Takao Run's Techno Prince Team won the National Champion of Taiwan.
2012 Yen Yung-Neng published another album “Children of God. Selected by the “Golden Melody” for The Best Taiwanese Male Singer.
2012 Represented Kaohsiung to attend the Beijing International Tourism EXPO. Awarded for the Most Popular Team of the Exhibition.
2013 Invited to attend Sydney Taiwan Festival and Spring Festival of Willoughby City in Australia.
2014 Invited by Overseas Community Affairs Council to tour in Eastern America for Taiwan Heritage Week.
2015 Selected by Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation to join the “Paper Windmill Artistic Truck Tour”.
2016 Invited on the tour “Turn the Key: The Audible Beauty of Taiwan” through US for 11 concerts.