Move your body. Music your life.



The Happiest Outdoor Concert of 2017

3 days of music and rhythm with 15 outstanding shows,
5 music & dance workshops, 4 international lectures, and a bazaar of 100 stalls!

It’s not only a music extravaganza full of international elements,
but an electrifying journey that spans three continents
with performers from the UK, South Africa, Ireland, Korea, Spain and Taiwan.
Come and enjoy the 2017 World Music Festival with your friends and family!

Open your ears and move your body to a global rhythm!

Daniel Waples&James Winstanley × Dizu Plaatjies & Ibuyambo Ensemble × Téada × GongMyoung
Chen Mingchang&the Formosa Danshui Wandering Minstrels × Sheng-xiang Band × Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw × Boxing × A Moving Sound
Uz AZeR’s Siyuland × Anu Kaliting Sadipongan × Sweep Music × 3PEOPLEMUSIC × Liu Jung-chang & Dabangni
Heavyweight music festival curators from WOMEX, WOMAD, Okinawa and more.

Showcases @ Island Stage

10/20 (Fri.) 14:30 – 17:45

The best chance to be heard
by the world in 2017!


The first international showcase venue in Taiwan with heavyweight
music festival curators from WOMEX, WOMAD, Okinawa and more.
Don’t just look at Taiwan. Look wherever music can be found.
Local musicians and Taiwan’s music scene would be nothing without you!


10/20 (Fri.) – 10/22 (Sun.) Open daily 13:00 – 22:00

Music, arts & crafts, and food stalls.
Creative musical instruments, cool handicrafts, and exotic food.
Have fun looking around and buying what you like at over 100 unique stalls!

Music Bazaar

Arts & crafts Bazaar

Food Bazaar




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