Taiwan|Chen Yong-tao

10/19 (Fri.) 21:00 Chen Yong-tao│Taiwan│Hakka folk and crossover

Chen Yong-tao. Now known as “the Hakka poet,” Chen Yong-tao (A-tao) was exposed to a variety of forms of music in high school and began teaching himself the guitar. In 1977, he tried his hand at creating music, releasing the Hakka-language (his mother tongue) album When I Was a Kid in 1991, which was a hit that initiated his path of musical creation in that language. To date, he has released seven solo albums, each being hailed as a classic. His Hakka music has a strong sense of the earth. His lyrics, inspired by his life and surroundings, and his chant-like melodies not only touch the Hakka people but are also deeply moving for those who do not understand the language. His incorporation of the folk music style with jazz, blues, mellow rock, and Hakka folk music is full of the feel of world music. In addition to making music, A-tao works in environmental education and is involved in the locally well-known issue of ecological restoration at Emei Lake in his hometown. He also founded and leads choirs of elementary school students so as to pass on Hakka tradition while creating new folk music.