Taiwan|Misa x Underground Stream

10/21 (Sun.) 17:00 Misa x Underground Stream│Taiwan│ Soothing Hakka folk + mellow rock

The members of Misa x Underground Stream are Misa Wen (songwriter/vocals/acoustic guitar/electric guitar), Li Meng-Lian (double bass), Cai Yi-Cheng (percussion), and Hsu Chih-Chuan (blues harp/electric guitar). Depending on the music genre they are working in, they invite other musicians to join as guest performers. Most of their songs are written by Misa, and her imaginative arrangements appeal to a diversity of tastes with a mixture of genres such as folk, blues, jazz, rock, psychedelic and traditional Hakka music. At times, their music is as wild as the wind, while at the next moment, it may plunge deep into darkness. The album On the Road (2014) was nominated for Best Hakka Album and Best Hakka Singer at the 26th Golden Melody Awards. In 2016, they released the Hakka-language album Mosaic of the Night.