Natsagdorj Tserendorj│ Playtime Festival

Mr. Natsagdorj is a music producer, festival organizer, radio host and business executive with 22 years of experience in music industry.Mr. Natsagdorj is a founder and programmer for Playtime Festival, the largest annual live music festival in Mongolia with legacy of 16 years promoting local and international world music since 2002.

In 1995, he co-founded Hi-Fi Records, a first chain of music stores in Ulaanbaatar. In 2002, he founded Hi-Fi Label, signing bands such as The Lemons and A-Sound. Since 2014, his company Hi-Fi Media Group Co.Ltd has expanded as a music distributor and publisher representing over 300 Mongolian artists domestically and abroad. 

He also serves as a board member of MOSCAP (Mongolian Society of Composers, Authors and Publsihers) and advisor to executive team providing assistance to society on protection of music copyrights in territory of Mongolia.

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