Israel|Yemen Blues

10/20 (Sat.) 21:00 Yemen Blues│Israel│Arab funk and blues that swing

Conceived by vocalist Ravid Kahalani, Yemen Blues’ original works are composed of Yemeni and West African influences along with contemporary styles (like funk and mambo) and the depth of soul found in old Yemeni chants. With its rich and diverse palette that includes percussion, the oud, horns, and strings, Yemen Blues exists in both the past and the present, being both timeless and modern. The group is a true collection of master musicians: Ravid Kahalani, Omer Avital, Itamar Doari, Rony Iwryn, and Itamar Borochov.

The myriad of influences in the group’s music are visible on stage, where they navigate from the boisterous to the romantic, and from the joy of celebration to the anguish of the ballad. Yemen Blues is one of the most gripping and entertaining live music groups in contemporary music today.