10/20 (Sat.) 15:45 Zenkwun│Taiwan│A new rock-genre favorite at international music festivals

Zenkwun was started in 2006 and won the jury prize at the Hohaiyan Festival in Taiwan that same year. In 2009, they won first place at the Taiwan YAMAHA Asian Beat contest, released their first album Wanfo Chaozong, and won nominations for Best Band and Best New Artist at the first Golden Indie Music Awards. Their Hakka-language single Highway Nine was nominated Best Single at the 2012 Golden Indie Music Awards. Zenkwun also performed at a live showcase event at the 2016 World Music @ Taiwan. Zenkwun is the only Mandarin rock band which combines Buddhist, Taoist, nankuan and peikuan (types of traditional Chinese music), Hakka, and Mongolian music, using many Western and traditional Chinese instruments to produce their own unique style.