France, China, Mongolia, Tunisia|Mathias Duplessy & the Violins of the World

10/20(SAT.) 18:20 Mathias Duplessy & the Violins of the World│France, China, Mongolia, Tunisia

An admirably well-constructed album composed of beautiful works and a tinge of Arabic, oriental and Indian flavors, this is more than a jam session between virtuosos. Demanding but easy to listen to, this is “the” essential album for anyone interested in traditional music. Benoît de Vilmorin, World Magazine, Paris

Mathias Duplessy is a multi-instrumentalist and composer performing internationally and provoking unlikely encounters between talented musicians. In 2009, he brought three Asian fiddlers together – the celebrated Chinese erhu player Guo Gan, Sabir Khan on sarangui and Nranbaatar Purevdorj, virtuoso of the “horse-headed fiddle”, creating a captivating journey along the Silk Road in the footsteps of Marco Polo. The sarangui which gave way in 2016 to the Scandinavian nyckelhpara is a new masterpiece. The 16th Journal, Paris

An incredibly challenging project by Mathias Duplessy – rising figure on the French world scene,  has its origin in an unprecedented encounter with three Asian fiddlers, and brings together musical cultures that have nothing to do with each other, except a number of borrowed musical themes. The work is eclectic, refined, subtle, airy, elegant and full of energy. But no need for emphatic superlatives – we were all conquered. Alumni Magazine of ENA, France