Taiwan, Sweden|Chung Yufeng & Sotali

10/18(FRI.) 18:30 Chung Yufeng & Sotali│Taiwan, Sweden

Doing something new and challenging the unknown are ideals Chung Yufeng holds to in making music. Having studied traditional Chinese music at National Taiwan University of Arts, she is one of few pipa players who have left the tradition and independently developed a contemporary musical lexicon with her instrument. She has worked as an independent singer-songwriter, done incidental music for films, and collaborated with folk music groups in Indonesia, Palestine, India, the Philippines, Sweden, the US, and Germany. Well-nourished from decades of cross-cultural experiences, she possesses a refined musical vocabulary and has created numerous aesthetic possibilities.

Sotali is a Swedish folk trio consisting of Daniel Pettersson on the keyed fiddle, Magnus Lundmark on percussion, and Daniel Fredriksson on the Nordic mandola and lute. They integrate traditional Scandinavian songs embellished with sophisticated impromptu aspects, exploring the limits of contemporary music upon a traditional foundation. Full of energy, their outstanding performance style and original creations have caused the group to be known as a “kaleidoscope of sound.”

Chung Yufeng and Sotali began working together in 2018. Sotali’s Scandinavian instruments and highly tuned skill excited Chung but also made her really nervous in the beginning. But the stimulation of mixing Western and Eastern music and the inspiration they got from each other’s differences allowed them to build a brilliant new vocabulary for contemporary folk music.