Taiwan|ZiXuan & Slow Train

10/20(SUN) 14:30 Taiwan|ZiXuan & Slow Train

ZiXuan & Slow Train is the winner of the best hakka album in 24th & 27th Taiwan golden melody award. Thecreator of the future generation Hakka music.ZiXuan use the blood of Hakka and Minan as the core, open his arms to accept the big waves of variety cultures, the pursuit of dreams in the city, the complaint of life and thethought of home, all of those are loaded in the local train, he use the native language that we are most familiar with to sing those thoughts of people.

The innovative amalgamation not only bring Hakka music to a new level, the music even be acclaimed as the future generation of ballad Hakka ,also the music and the live ability of ZiXuan are affirmed by Golden Melody Awards, Ho-hai-yanRock Festival and Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest .