Taiwan|Bazaar Mideast Jazz

10/20(SUN) 15:30 Bazaar Mideast Jazz

Bazaar means Market, it has always been the meeting point of trading, life and culture. Bazaar, as a band, carries different perspectives in expressing the vibes of Middle East. As the birthplace of civilization, this region has legacies to unearth and stories to tell. Our albums are partly recorded in Armenia and Iran, covering the traditional instruments including Oud, Duduk, Santur, Ney, Kemanche, Arabian vocal, Persian vocal, Recorder, Daf, Riq and Darbuka.

With the release of their first album <Grand Bazaar> on 2015, it is nominated <The Best Instrumental Album> of Golden Melody Awards, and <The Best Jazz Single>, <The Best Jazz Album>, <The Best Band>, <The Best Player> of Golden Indie Music Awards in Taiwan.