Taiwan|DJ Cookie feat. Pikong Wu & Yagu Tanga

10/19(SAT) DJ Cookie feat. Pikong Wu & Yagu Tanga

DJ Cookie, known for her electronic music and mixing mastery, skillfully fuses such genres as pop, house, electro, and techno. As Taiwan’s first female DJ to make it onto the international stage, she is popular and well-supported in the electronic music, partying, and fashion sectors. At this year’s event, she will play with the highly talented saxophonist Pikong Wu and a new-generation Atayal vocalist Yagu Tanga in two energy-packed shows.


As a professional DJ, Cookie is good at different music styles, like house, electro, techno and pop. From 2007, she created her own party brand named HOUSE BIAAATCH. It is a huge sensation show with Djing, oriental factors and performances. HOUSE BIAAATCH is adored by party people in Taiwan and keeps being hold by DJ Cookie in years. DJ Cookie absolutely is one-of-a-kind female DJ in Asia.

DJ Cookie is not only a popular headliner at clubs, festivals and parties, but also designated to DJ with World Top No.1 DJs, like Tiesto , Arimin van Burren and Paul Van Dyk … Because DJ Cookie combines fashion, music, and life-style successfully, international corporations such as Mercedes Benz, intel , Swarovski, Christian Dior, Samsung invited her as special guest DJ. That is why DJ Cookie had been interviewed by some global media for example , Vogue, GQ, marie claire, Mixmag Asia and ELLE in Taiwan. And DJANE MAG ranked her #3 for Top100 djanes of Asia , while Taipei Times named her #1 as the most favorite DJ polls.  

Pikong Wu

Pikong Wu began the music education of saxophone at the age of 15. After the music education in Taiwan,he got the chance to come to the best classical saxophone class in theworld studying with Mr. Bornkamp Arno in Amsterdam since 2012. Apart from the area of classical music, Wu actives in various types of artperformance. He had got few chances to act in some film work, one remarkable work with the Taiwanese film director Jay Chen movie “Thief”, this film got some awards such as “Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films”, “Taipei Golden Horse Festival” .

Yagu Tanga

From Taoyuan’s Atayal tribe, she exhibited talent for music and dance at a young age, participating in numerous competitions and TV shows. Written in her teenage years, her song “Sun and Moon” took indigenous villages by storm. She has recently sung as a soloist for the Formosa Aboriginal Singing and Dance Troupe’s productions Memories Under the Mango Tree and Floating Island, and in 2017, she sang at the opening of the Universiade in Taipei.