10/20(SAT) 16:30 Taiwan|MAFANA

MAFANA is the meaning of the Ami language “knowing or meeting”. The tone rises with the meaning of “I don’t know or don’t know.” At first, the members proposed that the group name does not know the orchestra, and finally decided to use the Ami language “MAFANA” as the orchestra. The name of the group opened the musical journey of the orchestra.

Cheng Jun is about to enter the tenth year. Six big boys who love music, the passion and enthusiasm for music, become the biggest nutrient and motivation of the album, leaving their own tribe to work in the metropolis, chasing their dreams, and realizing the real world. The sense of oppression brought people to the bottom of the mud, unable to extricate themselves, through music to discover the helplessness of the real world, satirizing the pace of urban tension, the orchestra’s name is pronounced as “Mafana” to make people remember more. The name of the orchestra, the tribes cannot forget the original, the lessons given by the elders, the culture given by the tribes, the beauty of the land, deeply imprinted in our hearts, by the comfort of the heart of the notes, by the wind to invigorate the positive Power, step by step to achieve dreams, stand on the shining stage, follow MAFANA to find new ones that have never been found or forgotten in the corner, release the inner desire for music, burn the existing enthusiasm, run together! Jump together! Search together! Don’t forget, don’t forget your original intention.