• Note
    ※ Friday ticket is only used for Friday; 1-day pass (valid for Sat. &Sun.) may be used for admittance on Saturday or Sunday. Three-day passes may be used for admittance on each day of the event.
    ※ All other attendees must have passes to be admitted. Those with student passes must show their student IDs upon entry.
    ※ Each pass admits one person. You may exchange your pass for an entry bracelet at the venue. Please take care of your bracelet as you will not be issued a replacement if it becomes lost.
  • Special tickets available
    ※ Those of ages 12 and under and 65 and over will be admitted for free with proof of identity.
    ※ Those with disability certification will be admitted for free.
    ※ Companions of disabled individuals can purchase 50% off tickets (limited to one person, subject to the original fare discount, not discounted by pre-sale fare).
  • Group Ticket:
    (02)2218-5881 #351