Admission Rules and Info

  1. The festival venue will be open from 13:00 to 22:00 each day. Please get a bracelet pass at the entrance service area, and after entering with your bracelet, be sure to keep it safe; if it is lost, you will not be issued another one gratis. For instructions on use of admission tickets, please see our ticket sales information.
  2. Parking near the venue is inconvenient. Please take the free shuttle buses or other public transport. For more information, see our instructions “Getting to the 2017 World Music Festival @ Taiwan.”
  3. Attendees are encouraged to wear global/exotic-style clothing to create a global village atmosphere.
  4. All pets are prohibited. There will be no pet care services or facilities available.
  5. There will be plenty of great food available at the bazaar, but please bring your own eco-friendly dishes and utensils. (Some vendors will reward your effort with discounts!)
  6. You are welcome to picnic, but cooking at the venue is prohibited.
  7. Camping services will not be provided as venue space is limited.
  8. The airspace above the venue is a flight path. Drones or any other devices that could interfere with aircraft are prohibited.
  9. With the exception of wheelchairs and baby strollers, all other forms of wheeled vehicles (including children’s bikes, baby walkers, kick scooters, rollerblades, etc.) are prohibited.
  10. Please keep the area clean by making proper use of the trash and recycling receptacles at the venue.
  11. Smoking, gambling, drunken obnoxiousness, urinating/defecating outside of restrooms, and setting up unregistered vendor stalls are prohibited.
  12. Firecrackers/fireworks and dangerous objects are prohibited.
  13. The event organizers reserve the right to change the program schedule as necessary.
  14. In the event of a natural disaster or any other uncontrollable factor that leads to cancellation of the event, matters will be handled in accordance with terms announced by the event organizer.
  15. Have a fantastic time and create wonderful memories with your family, friends, and co-workers!