◤Franki Raden

Indian Composer/Fonder of Lokaswara

The Taiwan World Music Festival is highly crucial for me since it has particularly become a meeting ground for musicians from across Asia-Pacific. The program was well structured and presented high quality of music. As a music festival director myself, I was fortunate to be able to attend Taiwan World Music Festival. Keep up the good works. The festival must go on!

◤Ian Scobie Am

WOMADelaide Director

Regarding the “World Music Festival @ Taiwan”, I was fortunate to be able to travel to Taipei to the “World Music Festival @ Taiwan” in October of 2017 to experience the broadest range of work from Taiwan and the region. It was a very productive and interesting visit which enabled us to ultimately bring the Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe to WOMADelaide and our sister festival WOMAD New Zealand in March of 2019.
The festival presented a broad range of artists from Taiwan but also internationally and the range of community or audience participation and workshops was impressive. I would certainly recommend the festival to audiences and festival programmers alike.
Yours faithfully,

◤Jung Hun Lee

Founder & Director of Seoul Music Week/President of GloMMnet/Founder & Director of Ulsan Jazz Festival

“World Music Festival @ Taiwan” is very pretty world music festival in Asia and also WMF@TW has a special showcase of Taiwanese unique artists and bands. I’m sure if you go to WMF@TW, you can meet this like pretty good music and lovely people.

◤Mahesh Bubu and Nandini Mahesh

Founder and Curator of Bayan Tree

We were delighted to be invited to the 2019 “World Music Festival @ Taiwan”. What impressed us the most was the level of detailing on part of the organizing committee. It was one of the most meticulously designed and executed festivals.

The topics for discussions were very good, and the speakers from around the world really added to the value of the sessions with their experiences and wisdom. Diana Webley (Canada), Miriam Brenner (NL & USA), Jung Hun Lee(South Korea), and Professor Wu Rung Shun (Taiwan) who conducted the discussion, each of them had so much to add to the overall experience.

We were very impressed to meet Mr. Ching C Yang and MS Suying Yu.
Their experience, enthusiasm and energy, not to mention knowledge was one of the most cherished memories for both of us. Special mention must be made of MS. Peiti Huang for her immense patience, knowledge and awareness about the global music scene.

The artist line up chosen for encouraging the young talent and traditional arts of Taiwan in innovative way, the stage craft, sound, light, crowd management…well one could just go on and on…In the crowd we observed lots of young audience which is very encouraging and important for the future of performing arts. We can imagine the hard work and planning on part of your team to be able to put up a festival of this scale and grandeur.

What was also a very special feeling was the manner in which our request for vegetarian food was catered to by your team, especially, Maggi who was with us the moment we arrived and till we left.

So, thank you very much for such a wonderful experience. Look forward to creating some truly memorable experiences together, for our countries.

◤Nicolas Ribalet

The Director of Sukiyaki Meets the World Festival (japan)

Rich of many cultures, of ancient and deep traditions, of an innovative and dynamic youth, of a rising music market, Taiwan is moving exceptionally quick, developing a very original approach of cultural modernity. World Music perfectly fits with the challenges of the country and strong of a long-term vision the festival has the potential to be and a laboratory for discoveries, exchanges and crossovers, and an innovative place of expression for the citizens of Taipei. “World Music Festival @ Taiwan” was a great experience, a festival I will continue to follow and support!

◤Tiina Jokinen

Orent and Glasperlenspiel Music Festival Director

I have had the honor of attending the “World Music Festival @ Taiwan “, 2016. I must say I did not exactly know what to expect when I was asked to participate in a discussion panel. The outcome, though, was beyond any of my preliminary thoughts as usually, there are conferences, panels and speakers artificially adhered to music festivals in order to just make them more multifaceted and thus to possibly better attract tax-payers’ money. I have seen many examples and some of them not too far from my own base in Estonia. In cases like that, with the organizers’ desperate try, the music and contents step into background and empty words to empty audiences take over.

This time, however, it was more or less the opposite. The speakers and conference guests were few and selected on the basis of solid background and activity in their respective regions which made this part of the festival more like a proper networking event in the true sense of it. So if there will be a future chance to attend, I would be happy to do so as well as share my knowledge and experience.

Another matter altogether was the main part of the festival – music and arts. The program was inspiring and well-selected. As a festival director myself, I got new ideas and enjoyed performances of artists that I definitely would invite, in fact, even tried to do so and will continue.

Last but not least, was the fair of food and handicraft around the festival grounds. This was a real cherry on the cake as it gave a wider perspective to the presented cultures and traditions without appearing mercantile and intrusive.

So I wish the organizers success also in the future and intend to be back in Taipei! Keep it up!

◤Tom Frouge

Curator of ¡Globalquerque!( New Mexico’s Annual Celebration of World Music and Culture)

My visit to “World Music Festival @ Taiwan” in Taipei was one of magical discovery and professional and cultural enrichment. From the music and performers presented to the new colleagues and friends with whom I met and engaged with there, to old colleagues with whom I reunited, my entire visit was memorable, fun, educational and rewarding!

The festival is incredibly well run and programmed from all perspectives including technical, musical curation, street art and performance, presentations and workshops, audience engagement, and the food and craft bazaar. The organizers and their staff are professional, friendly and very accommodating. It was a truly pleasure to collaborate, work and hang out with all of them and take in this marvelous festival.

I look forward to the next time!

◤Ryuji Noda

The Founding Member of Sakulazaka Theatre in Okinawa Japan

Taiwan has a lot of colorful music. At “World Music Festival @ Taiwan”, you can get in touch with beautiful pieces of Taiwanese music. There is also music that is rooted in places around the world. Taiwanese enjoy every music equally. Taiwan is one of the Asian capitals of world music. If you take part in this festival, you can see why.

◤Angelina P Bateman

Former Director of Events & Corporate Relations of Sarawak Tourism Board

I had the opportunity to be invited to the first ever Taiwan World Music Festival to share my experience in organizing the Rainforest World Music Festival. I was impressed by its organization especially the layout of the festival venue which was well planned, the festival goers were well behaved, making the festival a fun filled event for the whole family. I understand that the festival is getting better each year with more international performers. Do experience this festival when it happens next.

◤Eunha KIM

Former Curator of ACC World Music Festival

I truly adore the “World Music Festival @ Taiwan” as a wonderful family-friendly outdoor festival, all geared with a remarkable selection of talented musicians from different parts of the world and their open-workshops, as well as a variety of interesting shops to enjoy arts, crafts and food. Just enough elements for people to recharge their vitality once in a while… How positive role a well-designed festival can play in society today! The sight of the staff and volunteers who lined up at the end of the festival to say goodbye with all smiles to visitors, warmed my heart and made me pray for the continued development of this event. Hopefully this festival goes well every year without typhoon damage!

◤Frank Klaffs

The CEO of Piranha Arts / WOMEX

The popular World Music Festival, Taipei, Taiwan is a truly cultural discovery for each world music addict from all the world is located in the beautiful outdoor environment of the Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei and provides a truly harmonious family entertainment experience with its rich program of art carnival, street theatre performances, dance workshops, bazaars and really yummy great street food.

Beyond the rich selection of high-class international artists it was an also true revelation to learn about and encounter the culture and native sounds by the indigenous people rooted for centuries on the Island of Taiwan.

And just as the increasing thousands of young music fans discover new and diverse music of the highest programming and production quality on numerous stages so do the selected international professionals that attend the festival not just to enjoy music but benefit from the festival as being an entry gate to the Taiwan music industry network. The workshops, lectures and panels were very well presented and added to the fully rewarding experience that the producers WIND Music made possible with their generous and true Taiwanese hospitality, which made every of the guest feeling special and wanting to come back for a longer visit to Taiwan again.