AN INTERNATIONAL FIESTA FOR ALL AGES-One thing that really stood out for us was the wide range of festivalgoers at World Music Festival @ Taiwan. We’d usually assume such festivals to be targetted at a younger and more energetic crowd, but the organisers aimed to create a festival that could cater to all ages. To show their commitment to this, the festival was free to enter for young children and senior citizens, resulting in a stronger turnout across three days.


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◤Uncover Asia


During the 3-day event, delight your senses as you witness an epic intertwining of music genres. With the help of new technology and modern music, musicians from different countries are able to integrate their native sounds. Listen in awe as these melodious cultural tunes blend together. It is what it is—an experimental music orgy.


◤Taiwan Beats


Music is a medium and a platform. Everyone is going to have an unforgettable experience whether you are a performer, a staff member, or just a fan. We hope we can create the atmosphere for a family affair in this music festival.


◤Mapamundi Música


The festival defines itself in its website as the most visually appealing music festival of 2019 rhapsody for the eyes and ears. I believe it, as they are kind of pioneers in Taiwan, in the dissemination of live world music.



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