Gina’s Can

Gina’s Can│Taiwan│ Hakka-infused jazz

10/31(Sun.) 16:00

Gina’s Can formed in 2006. The lead singer, Gina Yang, has gained fame for her outstanding capacity as a vocalist and live performer. The band works in a variety of styles, notably by uniquely incorporating Hakka elements into jazz, blues, and rock, bringing something new to the Hakka music table. Their album Love for Granted won her Best Hakka Vocalist at the 30th Golden Melody Awards.

Gina, from Xinwu in Taiwan, is Hakka and has worked for years with the band’s leader, Can C Li, in creating Hakka music and preserving its tradition while injecting new life into it by adding in Eastern and Western pop elements. Their goal is to make Hakka music shine and allow the public to get to know it better.