Sang Mei-Chuon(Seredau)

Sang Mei-ChuonSeredau│Taiwan│ Revival of ancient Paiwan singing

10/31(Sun.) 14:00

Seredau is a Paiwan singer from the indigenous community of Cavak in Sandimen Township, Pingtung County. From a young age, she began learning the tribe’s traditional songs from her mother. Her name, chosen by her mother, means “extensive influence” in the Paiwan language. Noticing the gradual decline of traditional culture in her community years ago, she decided to shoulder the task of keeping it alive by transmitting music and art to the younger generation, such as by working as a traditional music instructor at several schools. She is also the star of the Tjimur Dance Theatre, Cha-wa-ker Music, and Sea Horse Music.

With a full measure of passion and a wide vocal range, she makes adept use of her musical language to create new sparks of creativity as she reinterprets her tribe’s ancient culture. In 2018, she released a solo album, Infection, which won her Best Aboriginal Vocalist at the 29th Golden Melody Awards.