O-KAI Singers

O-KAI Singers│Taiwan A cappella

10/30(Sat) 17:45

O-KAI Singers is an Aboriginal Taiwanese vocal group whose outstanding talent brought them immediate success. They perform various songs in a cappella and in multiple languages. Only two months after forming, they managed to take home first place in the international category at the Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival. Since then, they have shattered records in the Taiwan a cappella scene, winning more than 36 different awards。

The group has left many renowned musical professionals astounded including the founder of the Vienna Youth Choir, Günther Theuring, who said that such perfect harmonies are a rarity even from professional groups in Vienna. O-KAI Singers was also invited by vocal jazz master Phil Mattson to perform at Carnegie Hall after he heard an impressive performance by them. Aside from singing, the group arranges and produces music in different genres. The albums of children’s songs commissioned by the Council of Cultural Affairs of Taiwan feature over 200 songs written, arranged, and sung by O-KAI Singers. These albums have been nominated for Golden Melody Awards, the biggest music awards in Taiwan.