Bantü Salsa

Bantü SalsaCanadaDynamic African salsa

10/31(Sat.) 17:00 *On-line

African salsa performed by eight musicians – from Cameroon, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, France, Mali, Mexico and Spain? This is the remarkable, and joyful mix provided by Bantü Salsa: African salsa that grooves.

Songwriter, performer, and bass player Just Wôan has arranged and produced an array of albums and projects for many artists, and has released three solo albums inspiring one critic to describe his voice as “one of the most beautiful in Québec.” In 2019, he embarked on an ambitious project: to from a group that would enable him to discover and explore new worlds of music, hence the birth of Bantü Salsa.

From its early days, the band has been characterized by its originality, mastering the challenges of placing Latin beats alongside the poetic strings of the kora while uniting delicately-orchestrated wind instruments with forceful percussion through the passion and talent of its members. Their festive music is also intended to recall darker themes, such as slavery, because “musical travel” is a form of remembering.

Jury-selected artists of Global Toronto 2021.

Programming produced by Small World Music and Global Toronto in partnership with World Music Festival @ Taiwan.