Diana Webley|Canada

10/19(SAT.) 14:00 All About Curating International Music Festivals
Speaker︰Diana Webley, Mahesh Babu, Nandini Mahesh, Jung Hun Lee, Miriam Brenner

Diana Webley has worked extensively in the North American market to develop opportunities in mentorship, networking, and collaborations and is currently working to expand to the global market. She is the senior producer at Harbourfront Centre, which organizes over 4,000 events featuring thousands of artists each year and 450 partnerships related to innovative cultural exchanges.  She specializes in art direction, planning, programming, development and production in the diverse city of Toronto and is making pathways for events abroad. 

Harbourfront Centre, sitting on 10 acres of Toronto’s waterfront with over 12 million visits a year, is an innovative not-for-profit cultural organization that organizes events and activities of excellence which enliven, educate and entertain a diverse public. We aim to nurture the growth of new cultural expression, stimulate Canadian and international interchange and provide a dynamic, accessible environment for the public to experience the marvels of the creative imagination. Diana is also a part-time professor at Centennial College in the Arts Management Program and is leading Nordic Bridges, a large project for 2021 that will be the first of its kind in Canada with Harbourfront Centre taking the reins.