Mastaneh Music Band

Mastaneh Music Band│Iran, Taiwan Eastern concertato

10/30(Sat.) 13:00

Mastaneh Music Band formed by Mona Kaveh Ahangari, in early 2020 in Taiwan, aims to conduct cultural exchanges and innovate. Their styles include Iranian and Taiwanese-Iranian fusion music, which they perform in Taiwan and abroad. They creat synergy between the music of Iran and Taiwan based on the rich cultural and historical backgrounds of the two countries.

The band includes three members: a daf player (Mona, the leader), a pipa player, and an oud player. It is the only band in Taiwan that performs traditional Iranian music. Mona is from Iran, and the other two members are Taiwanese.

The daf is an Iranian percussion instrument from the hand-drum family which was traditionally used in Sufi and spiritual music but is now also used in pop music in Iran.

The oud is another traditional Iranian musical instrument that is known in several countries. The pipa, a Chinese instrument, was brought into Mastaneh because of its characteristic sound, which is similar to some Iranian instruments. In Mastaneh, it is a substitute for the setar, tanbour, and santoor in Iranian music.