PuuluupEstoniaCutting-edge “zombiefolk”

Puuluup formed in 2014 by talharpa enthusiasts RamoTeder and Marko Veisson. Ramo is a multi-instrumentalist and is known for his long solo project Pastacas. He is also a looping pioneer in Estonia who has who has worked on mastering these skills for twenty years now. Marko has a background in anthropology, and his fieldwork in Northern Ghana as well as his love for West-African music have definitely influenced the band’s style.

A pinch of surrealism, modern folklore have led to a talharpa revival! The mellow sound of the talharpa are paired with electronically amplified echoes, knocks, creaks and crackles, while maintaining the instrument’s natural sound.

The band’s talharpas act rather strangely in their hands, as they are electrified, looped, and often played via experimental techniques. It is like they have been resurrected from their graves and are doing a zombie-walk, which is why the band calls their music “zombiefolk,” or “neozombie-postfolk,” to be more exact.