Spectro7 ft. Jacky Chen

Spectro7 ft. Jacky ChenTaiwanAmazing pop-jazz

10/31(Sun.) 19:00


Spectro7 first came together in 2009 with a partnership among artistic director Wu Chang Chun and six outstanding musicians. The members include two pianists, two percussionists, and musicians who play guitar, electric bass and other plucked stringed instruments. With a foundation of local folk songs, Hakka songs, nanguan and beiguan music, Peking opera and Taiwanese aboriginal music, they fuse in a diversity of other styles, such as pop, jazz, Latin, Indian and other types of world music in order to genuinely move people. By bringing new life to the old music in our culture and demonstrating the unique beauty of Taiwanese music, Spectro7 has started a dialogue between the local and the international, the traditional and the modern.

The band looks to eliminate the barrier between traditional music and the general public and break apart the existing framework. The jolting combos of different music styles are sure to provoke the imaginations of listeners and open up countless possibilities for the future.

Jacky Chen

Jacky Chen is well known in Taiwan for writing and arranging music and lyrics, music/sound production, and singing in Taiwanese. He has worked behind the scenes in the music world for 14 years. In 2013, he released his first Taiwanese album, Sam tsáp thong, which won Best Male Taiwanese Vocalist and Best Taiwanese Album at the 25th Golden Melody Awards. In 2015, he released his second Taiwanese album, Columbia, which that year again won him the same awards. One of the songs, “Blackbird,” was nominated for Best Composer.