Tio Chorinho

Tio ChorinhoCanadaBrazilian choro masters

10/30 (Sat.) 17:00 *On-line

Choro (pronounced SHOH-roh) is a primarily instrumental style that originated in Rio de Janeiro in the late-19th century. It’s Brazil’s original soul music, combining popular and classical European styles with Afro-Brazilian influences, and is the foundation of many modern Brazilian music styles. It’s often described as “the New Orleans jazz of Brazil.” Exciting, energetic, soulful, intimate, nostalgic and virtuosic, choro is an infectious popular style whose universal appeal belies its musical complexity.

Tio Chorinho is the first group in Canada dedicated to choro music. Formed over a decade ago and inspired by the recordings and compositions of the great Brazilian mandolin master Jacob do Bandolim and others, the group has recently begun to integrate original compositions into their repertoire, extending their stylistic range while maintaining the authentic spirit of choro.

The members are Carlinhos Cardozo (cavaquinho), Maninho Costa (percussion), Milos Popovic (accordion), Eric Stein (mandolin), and Andre Valerio (seven-string guitar). They perform frequently with the amazing Brazilian-born, Quebec-based vocalist Flavia Nascimento, who will join them at the World Music Festival @ Taiwan 2021.

Jury-selected artists of Global Toronto 2020.

Programming produced by Small World Music and Global Toronto in partnership with World Music Festival @ Taiwan.