10/21 3PEOPLEMUSIC│Taiwan

Island Stage|10/21 (Sat.) 17:00
A guzheng, zhongruan, and bamboo flute trio with a non-traditional twist


This trio of traditional Chinese instrument musicians with a passion for music was formed in November 2013. Its members are Kuo Min-chin (guzheng), Pan I-tung (zhongruan) and Jen Chung (bamboo flute and vertical bamboo flute).
All of the group’s works are composed and arranged by the musicians themselves. In their quest for inspiration, they collaborate with other musicians. They have transformed traditional Chinese-style music from a contemporary perspective so as to create a form of music for the modern day. Unlike the sense of distance commonly felt at ordinary concerts, they have striven to create a warm and deep connection with their audiences around the world through salon concerts.