10/21 Anu Kaliting Sadipongan │Taiwan

Island Stage|10/21 (Sat.) 15:45
Songs from Taiwan’s east coast


Anu Kaliting Sadipongan was born and raised in Makota’ay, a village of Taiwan’s Amis people. He left home to pursue his dream when he was young. However, after experiencing life in the city, he began to wonder about his career and life. With all of his savings, Anu decided to return to his home at the age of 28. By devoting time and effort to Amis community affairs and festivals, he recovered his identity as “Amis warrior”. He released his independently produced EP Call in 2010, and released the album Cepo in 2013. He won the Golden Melody Best Indigenous Singer award in Taiwan, and his work was nominated for Best Indigenous Album at the 25th Golden Melody Awards. His work was nominated for Best Folk Album at the 5th Golden Indie Music Awards in 2014.

Cepo is a commentary on the lives of many indigenous youths who have had to leave their homelands and are unable to bear the sense of helplessness and loss of roots. Within these serious issues, the features of contemporary indigenous culture are presented with an melding of Western instruments and traditional Amis songs. This singer’s music surges with expansive and captivating energy that transcends history, ethnicity and culture, projecting both present and past reality.