10/22 Boxing│Taiwan

Earth Stage|10/22(Sun.) 21:00
Taiwan’s beloved Paiwan-Latin-rap band (in this performance featuring a special guest)


BOXING is a rock band from southern Taiwan, known for its upbeat indigenous Paiwan music style with a blend of Latin American music. It is the first indie band the legendary Taiwan-East Asian diva A-mei discovered and worked with to produce their music. In 2014, BOXING released its debut albums BOXING (in Mandarin Chinese) and WILD BOXING (in Paiwan).

The group’s songs convey thoughts on life, the Paiwan homeland, and other indigenous peoples of Taiwan. Their music is pure and penetrating, and they rap with attitude. They employ sarcastic humor to talk about life in the city, and deep sentiment is felt when they talk about love for their families, dreams, self-realization and culture. Their outstanding performances have won them notable awards in Taiwan, and their live performances, charged with passion and energy, allow you to experience a musical sense of “wildness.”