10/20 Daniel Waples& James Winstanley|UK

Taiwan Debut

Earth Stage|10/20(Fri.) 19:45
The most sought-after hang drum players by global music festivals


Daniel Waples & James Winstanley met in a local market in India in 2010 and began to play to music together the next day. To date they have recorded two albums and have been performing together all around the world as a handpan duo.

Daniel Waples is originally from Greater London. He bought his first handpan in 2007 and since then has been consistently on the road, having not spent any longer than three months in one country. Now with over 40 million views across YouTube alone, he has recorded 9 albums, performed in front of thousands of people, at hundreds of events in over 50 countries, spanning 5 continents and been a speaker at 6 TEDx events. He supports himself as an independent musician, spreading the sound of the handpan, a new age acoustic musical instrument made from hammered steel.

James Winstanley is a multi instrumentalist performer and recording artist specializing in the Handpan, originally from the British Isles based in New York City. His musical contributions have appeared on compilations albums alongside the likes of U2, Paul McCartney and Coldplay.

Daniel Waples and James Winstanley are now traveling the world, performing their hang drum music and taking what they experience in other countries as an important source of inspiration.

Music & Dance Workshops @ Tents|10/20(Fri.) 17:00
Traveling the World with the Hang Drum


The hang drum was invented in the year 2000, and it quickly became a global sensation after its 2001 debut in Frankfurt. It has the peculiar appearance of a flying saucer and produces a captivating tone. Daniel Waples, a hang drummer extraordinaire who is always invited to play at global music festivals, will make his first appearance in Taiwan at this year’s World Music Festival @ Taiwan, sharing his experiences of traveling and performing around the world.

※Bring your own hang drum to jam!