10/21 Dizu Plaatjies & Ibuyambo Ensemble|South Africa

Taiwan Debut

Earth stage|10/21(Sat.) 21:00
The pulse of drumming from the vastness of Africa


Dizu Plaatjies is the founder and former leader of the group Amampondo, which took part in the concert given for Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday. A little later, the show Feel the Pulse of Africa brought them commercial fame both at home and abroad. The post-Amampondo period began in 2003 with a solo album, Ibuyambo. On this disc, Dizu has fun mixing a variety of styles. Its second solo album, African Kings relied essentially on an alliance of traditional instruments with acoustic guitar, with a more contemporary approach than his previous opuses. The disc won the award for best African independent music album at South Africa’s SAMA Awards in 2009.

Something that never changes with Dizu Plaatjies is a constant search for new collaborations that enable him to enhance his repertory and his inspiration. In the Intsholo project with Will Haubricht, brass, marimba and percussion quintet are added with arrangements drawn from African musical styles. In addition, in 2009, he benefited from an artists’ residency in Paris to create a unique show, Umculowethu, in collaboration with two French jazz musicians. In similar vein, he spent part of 2010 recreating the Intsholo project with his musicians and a brass orchestra.

On stage, Dizu Plaatjies is accompanied by musicians dressed in traditional African costumes, wearing body paint and playing instruments ranging from drums, flutes, mbira, Uganda harp to the horns of a kudu (a type of antelope). When not on stage, he is an instructor of various creative workshops and also a teacher of music at the University of Cape Town.

Music & Dance Workshops @ Tents|10/21(Sat.) 17:00
Traditional South African Moves!


South African Music Awards winner Duzi Plaatjies has talked about traditional South African dancing with fans around the world. For this first trip of his to Taiwan, he will teach participants how to dance South African style and move to the beat of drums and vocals.

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