10/22 GongMyoung│Korea

Taiwan Debut

Earth Stage|10/22(Sun.) 18:30
The explosive power of four prominent male percussionists


GongMyoung is a music group which enlarges their music with passion and idea for the world. Their debut in South Korea was reported to be “exceptional and unconventional,” and their music hailed as “unprecedented” by Korean traditional musicians. Although Korean music has changed over the years, those who enjoy contemporary pop music are still unfamiliar with it. GongMyoung has tried to transform Korean music so that people today all around the world can easily enjoy it. Their purpose is to create music for everyone who likes music, and as a channel to communicate feeling and thoughts.

All of GongMyoung’s members majored in Korean music in college. Although they are respectful of tradition, they don’t want their music to be limited by it. For them, Korean music is a foundation and they want to go beyond it. Combining a variety of instruments, they have been making various attempts to fuse music of different genres or from different countries. When they want to express a new mood or new sounds, they learn instruments from other countries.

At the concert, people will enjoy a colourful blend of music made possible by more than 30 musical instruments from Korea and other countries, such as cajon, djembe, wind bell, etc. The efforts have brought them rapid success.

Music & Dance Workshops @ Tents|10/22(Sun.) 15:30
Let’s Learn Korean Samul Nori!


GongMyoung is a group of four extremely talented gents who are frequently invited to perform for Korean companies with their self-made instruments, leading employees in rural dancing and the playing of Korean traditional percussion instruments. During this debut performance of theirs in Taiwan, they are sure to turn up the energy with their uncontainable fire.