10/22 Liu Jung-chang & Dabangni │Taiwan

Island Stage|10/22(Sun.) 15:45
Hakka rock brimming with the feel of the Taiwanese countryside


Once nominated for a Golden Melody Award, Liu Jung-chang is a native of Hengshan Township in Hsinchu County who formed the band Dabangni. Upon returning to Hsinchu, he began writing his music at the New Tile House Hakka Culture Center. The term dabangni means “it’s good to have you” in the Hakka language. The band has chosen this name as a way to express gratitude for the support they have received.

The musical style of Dabangni is one of innovation within tradition. The band’s lyrics are written in several languages, including Hakka, Hoklo (Taiwanese), and Mandarin Chinese, incorporating elements of Taiwanese speak-singing and folk songs from mountain communities in an effort to preserve traditional music. Instruments used include the erhu, flute, and suona. Dabangni works to fuse traditional musical elements with pop music, creating a sound with flavors of folk, swing, funk, and rock, allowing Taiwanese music to dance in sync with the rhythms of the rest of the world. Having performed overseas in recent years, Dabangni is dedicated to pressing forward on its musical journey.