Ryuji Noda|curator, Sakurazaka ASYLUM

For 25 years, Ryuji Noda has invited many world music artists to Okinawa and organized numerous live concerts, included Tete (France), Taraf de Haidouks(Rumania), HANGGAI(Inner Mongolia) ,BKO QUINTET(Mali) and so on.Producing annual music festival named “Sakurazaka ASYLUM”. Currently, promoting Okinawan music to overseas and building a music network with Asian countries. In 2016, started “Trans Asia Music Meeting” as a model of the new music exhibition in Okinawa.

Trans Asia Music Meeting

Okinawa became host city, Trans Asia Music Meeting started in 2016.It’s supported from Okinawa prefecture and Okinawa arts council. Trans Asia Music Meeting’s aim is to introduce the music of Okinawa to the world including Asian countries and to make Asian music network more functional. This year, we had the meeting in January. Delegate from Asian countries(include Taiwan, Mongolia, Malaysia, India, South Korea and China) attended the meeting.

The meeting included keynotes speech for Okinawan music, round table put on by various Asian cities, Conferences by delegates,1 on 1 meetings between Okinawan musicians and other music industry professionals as well as showcases put on by artists. This year we invited Taiwanese and Korean artists in official showcase. We would like to spread the opportunity more openly to Asian artists.

Lectures @ Tents |10/22(Sun.) 14:00
 A World Music Feast Spanning North America and Asia

Speakers: Tom Frouge (curator, ¡Globalquerque!), Kristy Edmunds (executive director, Center for the Art of Performance), Ryuji Noda (curator, Sakurazaka ASYLUM), and Lu Zhong-qiang (curator, Fork on the Road)
Host: Roger Lee

What are the similarities and differences between world music festivals around the world? How are themes and performers selected? What should performers do to get invited? Come listen to what these four well-reputed curators from the US, Japan, and China have to say about their experiences.

※ There will be a limited number of interpretation headsets at the venue on a first-come first-serve basis,
so get there early!
※Those who work in the music industry are welcome to pre-register for free entry.
To register, please visit: https://goo.gl/qKgt0p