10/20 Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw|Taiwan

Earth Stage|10/20 (Fri.) 21:00
A spiritual male vocalist who will leave you breathless


Sangpuy is a member of the ancient Taiwan’s indigenous Puyuma people, whose homeland lies where the mountains meet the ocean. He is a young singer with a timeless and unique voice. Let him take you back in time and heal your soul.

Earlier, Sangpuy worked with the activist music groups Feijuyuenbao Synectics (飛魚雲豹) and Wild Fire Music (野火樂集). Then in 2012, he released the album Dalan, in collaboration with numerous outstanding Taiwanese musicians, with mastering was done by a top studio in New York. The album contains fourteen newly arranged ancient Taiwanese Puyuma songs as well as songs written by the artist himself. The whole album is rooted in the concept of “dalan,” which means “path” in the Puyuma language. Dalan won Sangpuy the Best Indigenous Singer award at the 24th Golden Melody Awards.

2015 RWMF in Kuching, Malaysia

在2015年仲夏,桑布伊與表演團隊受邀前往馬來西亞古晉參加十大世界音樂節之一的熱帶雨林音樂節RWMF。桑布伊除了擔當大舞台第一場秀的演出之外,團隊成員也參與/主持了許多場的Workshops。僅以此簡短的影片回顧當時的演出,也藉此紀念已經離開的團員。#大家來1028_Legacy_桑布伊椏幹演唱會吧#預購門票只要700台幣免出國就可以看兩小時喔#購票網站 https://www.indievox.com/legacy/event-post/18710

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