10/22 Sheng-xiang Band│Taiwan

Earth Stage|10/22(Sun.) 19:45
A new crossover-folk music in sync with the heartbeat of the land


The band previously known as the Sheng-xiang Musical Group, which was formed in 2004, officially changed its name to the Sheng-xiang Band in 2013. The band has been focused on the themes of farming, industry and the environment for quite some time now. Its basic elements come from traditional Taiwanese music blended with multiple forms of Western music, making it a unique neofolk band.

The two who formed the band, Lin Sheng-xiang (lead vocalist and yueqin instrumentalist) and Chung Yung-feng (lyricist), began working closely together beginning in 1998 with the album So Let’s Sing Mountain Songs while members of the Labor Exchange Band. Since then, they have put out seven albums and won numerous awards. Chung has twice won Best Lyricist Golden Melody Awards as Best Lyricist, and Lin has won seven Golden Melody Awards and four Golden Indie Music Awards in the roles of producer, vocalist and musician. In 2001, their music wowed international audiences as they toured in over ten countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, bringing Taiwanese Hakka folk music to the world stage.

Of the group’s five musicians, the two Japanese members, Ohtake Ken and Hayakawa Toru, joined the band in the years 2006 and 2009, respectively. Drummer Alex Wu joined the band in 2011. They all possess a highly sophisticated capacity for jazz improvisation, and as a result, they always ignite surprise at the band’s live performances.