10/22 Sweep Music│Taiwan

Island Stage|10/22(Sun.) 17:00
Pipa-rock crossover with sweeping praise from Japanese media


Combination of the lyrical story-telling spirit of the pipa with the bold uninhibitedness of the electric guitar and other modern instruments is a strikingly contrasting yet amazingly compatible marriage. This vibrant cross-cultural form of music makes for a brand new sound in rock.

Sweep Music released the album Rock to Rock in 2016, each piece in it co-written by its members, shaped into various genres. They are at times bright, at times warm and touching, at other times wild and aggressive. The pipa-induced lyrical atmosphere, the wildness of the electric guitar, the glitter of the bass, and the energy of rock-inspired percussion work together to create a collection of songs with evocative emotional force. Through such synergy, Sweep Music presents us with a wonderful fusion of musicians with different cultural backgrounds, tastes, techniques and musical personalities. Such is the challenge of crossover music, and that’s why the album was named Rock to Rock.