Lu Zhong-qiang|curator, Fork on the Road

Lu Zhong-qiang is the Founder and Artistic Director of 13-Month Culture, one of the most famous independent music label in China. 13-Month Culture had been committed to the exploration, dissemination and promotion of Chinese folk songs and independent music for the past 10 years.

Lu Zhong-qiang is the Founder and Chief Promoter of two of the most famous Music Brand in China, Fork On the Road and China Music House. Folk On The Road, the biggest brand of folk music festival in China, had organized a tour of over 400 shows which lasted for 6 years in more than 60 cities and had a audience of up to 3 million. It was described as the “Folk Revival Movement ” in China.

China Music House, the fast growing world music label, was established in 2015 after 10 year’s accumulation of music production and absorbing from Chinese culture by 13-Month Culture .This brand is composed of 5 sections: China Music House/ Kunqu Opera, China Music House House/ Pingtan Opera, China Music House/Sanyue Collection, China Music House/Remix, China Music House/Artists Cooperation Project and China Music House/Cross Boundary Experimental Project. China Music House will aggregate the most talented musicians all around the world and absorb music essence from different nations to produce finest world music of Chinese characteristics.

Lectures @ Tents |10/22(Sun.) 14:00
 A World Music Feast Spanning North America and Asia

Speakers: Tom Frouge (curator, ¡Globalquerque!), Kristy Edmunds (executive director, Center for the Art of Performance), Ryuji Noda (curator, Sakurazaka ASYLUM), and Lu Zhong-qiang (curator, Fork on the Road)
Host: Roger Lee

What are the similarities and differences between world music festivals around the world? How are themes and performers selected? What should performers do to get invited? Come listen to what these four well-reputed curators from the US, Japan, and China have to say about their experiences.

※ There will be a limited number of interpretation headsets at the venue on a first-come first-serve basis,
so get there early!
※Those who work in the music industry are welcome to pre-register for free entry.
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