2022 World Music Festival @Taiwan-New Talents Selection Rules and Information

Objective and background

In order to promote diversity in art and culture exchanges, the 2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan is providing students from Taiwan and abroad who are creative or skilled as performers an opportunity to show their stuff on the New Talents stage as part of initiating the future of art. Three individuals/groups will be selected to exhibit their talent.


Advising agency:
Ministry of Culture


Event sponsor:
Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture


Event co-sponsor:
Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs


Event organizer:
Wind Music International

Dates (all dates are for 2022)

  • Submission: Jul. 18 (Fri.) – 23:59 on Aug. 21 (Sun.) 

  • Online voting: Aug. 25 (Thu.) – 23:59 on Sep. 11 (Sun.) 

  • Announcement of results: Sep. 15 (Thu.)


➊ Eligibility

Applicants must be students (individuals or groups) from a Taiwanese college or university and possess a student ID card or other official verification of status as a student to make submissions. For groups, at least half of the group members must meet the above eligibility requirement.

  • Applicants may make as many submissions as they wish within the submission period.
  • Group members may not be substituted at any time during the event unless permission is received from the event sponsor. Please note that this will be permitted only in certain uncontrollable circumstances.

➋ Categories

The categories are Performing Arts, Handicrafts, and Visual Arts. The selected performances/exhibitions will take place in a public venue.

 ⑴ Performing Arts:Includes event hosting, drama, pantomime, farce, dance, singing, instrumental performances, magic, folk arts, variety shows, puppetry, poetry reading, performance art, etc.

  • Pieces must be performance-related in nature.
  • Performances must be appropriate for the general public and emphasize interaction with viewers.

 ⑵ Handicrafts:Pieces must be made and completed on site. Pieces to be eaten must meet the guidelines of Taiwan’s Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation.

  • Pieces must be creative in concept and appearance.
  • The creative process must include interaction with viewers.
  • Safety and proper sanitation must be ensured.

 ⑶ Visual Arts:Includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, installation art, video, photography, etc. Pieces must be made and completed on site.

  • Pieces must include interaction with viewers and the environment.
  • Besides artistic skill, other elements characteristic of street art will be considered, such as speed of completion, affinity with viewers, and how well the piece goes with the surrounding environment.

➌ How to make a submission

Fill out a submission form on the official website or social media platforms for the event.

Submission formhttps://reurl.cc/Dy879O

 ⑴ The following information must be provided with the submission:

  • Image of student ID card or other official verification of status as a student at a Taiwanese college or university.
  • Brief introduction of the applicant(s) including photos, list of related awards, and anything else that may increase the chances of being selected.
  • A link to a webpage that has a 3-5 minute video of the piece you are submitting.
    The above information will be used by the judging panel and for the online vote.

 Selection results will be announced on Thursday, September 15, 2022, on the official website and social media platforms of the event. Those selected will also be notified by phone and e-mail.


 ⑶ Confirmation:Those selected must confirm their acceptance before the deadline of 17:00 on Sunday, September 19, 2022. Eligibility will be canceled for those who do not confirm before the deadline, and the first applicant(s) on the waiting list will be notified of their selection. Waiting list applicants who have been selected must confirm their acceptance within two days of notification.

Performance/Exhibition guidelines

➊ Each performance/exhibition may only last 20 minutes. A plan for the performance/exhibition must be submitted to the event sponsor within the designated time period. Performers/exhibitors must provide their own instruments, props, etc., as the venue will only be equipped with a basic sound system.

➋ The purpose of the New Talents event is to provide outstanding artists in Taiwan a chance and stage to show their work. Those selected will be reimbursed for basic transportation costs to the event and be given five 3-day passes to the 2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan.

Accident insurance for the day and venue of the performance/exhibition will be provided to those selected.

➍ The performance/exhibition venue will be open to the general public.

※ The event sponsor reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the event based on the state of submissions and uncontrollable factors (such as a Covid-19 outbreak). 

Performance/Exhibition dates and venue

  • Dates: Oct. 14 (Fri.) – 16 (Sun.), 2022. The event sponsor will provide more details to those selected at a future date.

  • Venue: New Talents stage at the Taipei Dajia Riverside Park during the 2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan.

Selection criteria

The judging panel consists of the World Music Festival @ Taiwan curation team members. The selections will be based 70% on the panel’s evaluations and 30% on an online vote open to the public.


Item evaluated

% of total score

Unique, personal style


Technical skill/craftsmanship


Degree of interaction with viewers


Number of online votes


In case multiple submissions receive the same score, the judges will cast votes, and the submission with the highest number of votes will be selected.

※ The event sponsor reserves the right to alter the judging procedure based on the state of submissions received.