Showcase Performances

If you love music, whether you’re a solo artist or a group and regardless of language or performance format, we welcome you to sign up for our Showcase Performance selection event, which will give you a shot at getting onto the Earth Stage at the festival! This is your chance to meet heavyweight festival curators from numerous countries and show your stuff on an international stage!


Since diversity is a main theme at the festival, we invite anyone with original creations to add to the atmosphere at the Earth Bazaars. If you have creatively designed products/handicrafts or make organic goods and are interested in setting up a uniquely appealing stall, interacting with people, and connecting to the world, then our bazaars are the place for you!                                                                                                       


This annual festival is a veritable party where people of all walks and talents converge. If you are at least 20 years old, we would love for you to join us. While helping others and enjoying music together, we will be making both a music festival that is Taiwan through and through and wonderful, unforgettable memories.