World Music Festival @ Taiwan

Make Your Frameless World

When the Soul Breaks Loose from Frameworks: 7th WMF @ Taiwan

Make Your Frameless World

“The 2023 World Music Festival @Taiwan” has been upgraded for four consecutive days! The first two days on October 12th and 13th will be the Going Global Music Industry Conference; October 14th and 15th will be Our Frameless World Music Festival. With the Showcases, speed meeting, international trade fair, international lectures, performances from Taiwan and abroad and music workshops, it's going to be a Grand Music Party with multifaceted activities!

If youre in Taiwan
T miss this music festival!

On this fully upgraded music holiday, it’s a big party for music lovers who have no limits. Let’s break the frame of music and crowd Into the Kidult Party!

Oct 12th – 15th Make Frameless at Taipei Music Center

2023 World Music Festival @Taiwan


13 Showcases by Local and Overseas Musicians
1 International Trade Fair + 1 Speed Meeting
4 International Lectures + 2 Industry Networkings

OCT 14TH – 15TH Our World Music Festival

20 Shows in a row by Local and Overseas Performers
1 Trade Fair + 3 Music Workshops
Street Performances + Exotic Bazaars

Pe-sale tickets | Availible now

Hitoto Yo X Sangpuy X Tzu-lung Hung (JP.TW)|Ohelen X Leaf Yeh(KR.TW)|ADG7(KR)|Balaklava Blues(UA.CA)|Ida Elina(FI)|Pipo Romero(ES)|Ohelen(KR)|Joanna Wang(TW)|Biung Wang(TW)Argentina Tango Fiesta – Musa (AR.TW)|Aroma Disco-Cicada (TW)|Silent Disco-ANKR (TW)|Outlet Drift(TW)|Pigheadskin new Taiwan wave(TW)|Leaf's Fantasy World (TW)|Bio X CHUNG-CHING CHEN(TW)|3PEOPLEMUSIC(TW)|Labaga Taru (TW)|Nani(PT)|Higher Rootz(BF.UG.USA.UK.TW)|Tsng-kha-lâng (TW)|The Portrait Quintet (TW)|Poorva 181(TW.JP)|JhenYueTang (TW)|Sauljaljui (TW)|Dabangni band(TW)|Go Go Machine Orchestra(TW)|A_Root(TW)|Freedom Beat & Cheer(TW)|Sun Son Percussion Ensemble|On.P.Young|Reality punch percussion|Tap Radio|PAPI BUCKET|SOUTHERN RIOT|Harusame|Two Three Comedy

Exclusive Cast

Embodying the spirit of international joint performances and Taiwanese bands, unveiling a new horizon of music and presenting a grand cross-border co-productions!

Frameless Music

When framelessness meets playfulness, it creates a place filled with multiple auditory experiences where both you and I are Kidults!

Earth Market

Gala Market makes its debut, offering a variety of culinary delights and unique handicrafts, allowing you to experience the flavors of different cultures!


Trade Fair

Bringing together internationally renowned curators and agents to collaboratively create music matchmaking within the frameless industry!

Oct 12


Going Global

Global Music Industry Conference

6 Showcase Performances

2 International Industry Forums

2 Industry Networking Events

Oct 13


Going Global

Global Music Industry Conference

7 Showcase Performances

2 International Industry Forums

1 Speed Networking Session

Oct 14


Our World

Frameless World, Frameless Music

10 Music Performances

2 Music Workshops

Street Performances x Earth Market

Oct 15


Our World

Frameless World, Frameless Music

10 Music Performances

3 Music Workshops

Street Performances x Earth Market

Ian Scobie Am

— WOMADelaide Director
I was fortunate to be able to travel to Taipei to the “World Music Festival @ Taiwan” in 2017 to experience the broadest range of work from Taiwan and the region. It was a very productive and interesting visit which enabled us to ultimately bring the Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe to WOMADelaide and WOMAD New Zealand in 2019.
The festival presented a broad range of artists from Taiwan but also internationally and the range of community or audience participation and workshops was impressive. I would certainly recommend the festival to audiences and festival programmers alike.

Frank Klaffs

—The CEO of Piranha Arts / WOMEX
The popular World Music Festival, Taipei, Taiwan is a truly cultural discovery for each world music addict from all the world is located in the beautiful outdoor environment and provides a truly harmonious family entertainment experience.

Beyond the rich selection of high-class international artists, it was an also true revelation to learn about and encounter the culture and native sounds by the indigenous people rooted for centuries on the Island of Taiwan.

Angelina P Bateman

— Former Director of Events & Corporate Relations of Sarawak Tourism Board

I had the opportunity to be invited to the first ever Taiwan World Music Festival to share my experience in organizing the Rainforest World Music Festival. I was impressed by its organization especially the layout of the festival venue which was well planned, the festival goers were well behaved, making the festival a fun filled event for the whole family. I understand that the festival is getting better each year with more international performers. Do experience this festival when it happens next.

Jung Hun Lee

—Founder & Director of Seoul Music Week/President of GloMMnet/Founder & Director of Ulsan Jazz Festival

“World Music Festival @ Taiwan” is very pretty world music festival in Asia and also WMF@TW has a special showcase of Taiwanese unique artists and bands. I'm sure if you go to WMF@TW, you can meet this like pretty good music and lovely people.

Franki Raden

—Indian composer/Fonder of Lokaswara

The Taiwan World Music Festival is highly crucial for me since it has particularly become a meeting ground for musicians from across Asia-Pacific. The program was well structured and presented high quality of music. As a music festival director myself, I was fortunate to be able to attend the World Music Festival @ Taiwan. Keep up the good works. The festival must go on!

Tom Frouge

—Curator of ¡Globalquerque!
( New Mexico's Annual Celebration of World Music and Culture)

My visit to “World Music Festival @ Taiwan” in Taipei was one of magical discovery and professional and cultural enrichment. From the music and performers presented to the new colleagues and friends with whom I met and engaged with there, to old colleagues with whom I reunited, my entire visit was memorable, fun, educational and rewarding!

The festival is incredibly well run and programmed from all perspectives including technical, musical curation, street art and performance, presentations and workshops, audience engagement, and the food and craft bazaar.

Japan | Mikiki

"At the WMF venue in 2017, organic products such as incense and coffee had been sold, which made me feel that the importance of this festival was not only music but also the environment of clothing, food, housing and transportation which is the central concept of Wind Music production. I expect that I can refine the organic goodness of Taiwan by the people of the city and disseminate it overseas. "
—Lisa Kitanaka

Media_TC_Music Press Asia
| Music Press Asia

At the same time, let the swaying and jiggling of its colourful costumes feast the eyes. Beyond its passionate colours, be ready for an enthralling and charming performance.

Media_TC_New Ears Music
| New Ears Music

World Music Festival@Taiwan is more than a music festival, it is a festival of cultural and artistic exchange. Not only can you hear the music but also feel the diversity of different countries. This year, the World Music Festival @Taiwan has taken it to higher level.

Media_TC_New Straits Times
| New Straits Times

Taiwan's biggest outdoor music event, 2021 World Music Festival @Taiwan aims to connect the international music industry online, reinforce international exchanges and create networking opportunities and partnerships for Taiwanese musicians.

Media_TC_The East Asia Press
South Korea | The East Asia Press

Musicians from all over the world performed at the World Music Festival @ Taiwan. More than 50,000 audiences attended the music festival, and the spectators seating was full of people from different countries and generations.

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